«Archaeologico-ethnographic Museum of the Shet district» The Department of culture,archives and documentation of the Karaganda region.


Acting head Kamytbaeva Saltanat Dartaevna.

The museum was built and commissioned in 1988 in honor of the sixtieth anniversary of the district. The first head is Baki Makazhanov. From 1988 to 1997 the museum acted as a branch of the Zhezkazgan regional historical and Local lore museum. Since 2006 it has been registered with the state registration as «Archeologico-ethnographic museum of the Shet district» Since 2008 it was created as the «Archaeologico-ethnographic Museum of the Shet district» of the Karaganda Regional Department of Culture. Many of the values identified in the state program «Cultural Heritage» constitute an invaluable fund of the museum. The Museum building attracts attention with unusuai external form. A one-storey building.

The Museum has an area 256,9 square meters. The exhibition area is occupied by five rooms with a total area of 183 square meters.

The Museum has the following halls: the introductory hall, the history hall, art hall, Ethnography hall -I, ethnography hall –II. All rooms meet standard requirements. In 2010, a «road map 2010» was held on the repair of buildings in the amount of 12866 thousand tenge.

The museum is equipped with computers, to use exposure LED TVs. The materials of the Museum tell about the history of the region from ancient times to the present.